Two super hot pissing sluts

This is another super hot scene from Fully Clothed Pissing series. The setup is easy, we take two super hot pissing sluts, office girls in this case and one guy who joins the action.

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The guy started to eat the pussy of the brunette when the blonde joined the action. Soon enough all the three fuck buddies started to piss on each other, creating quite a mess on the floor. This one of the best peeing action scenes I have ever seen.


Super hot day in the classroom

Today is a super hot day in the classroom. The new teacher is such a slut and she loves to punish those students who dont pay attention. Today its a horny couple that was left after school.


The student gets her perfect butt spanked first, then the teacher pees on her chest. The action continues with hardcore sex and even more peeing action.

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Peeing games in the sauna

Renata Black wanted to have some fun in the sauna, so she invited her boyfriend to join her. All the heat turned them on of course, so it didnt take long for the girl to grab his hard cock.


Giving it a few strokes with her mouth, it started to taste kinda strange. She didnt understand at first, but when warm urine started to flow from her mouth, she finally got it. The kinky slut wasnt upset one bit, she happilly took all his piss and sked for more.


Hot blonde babe Clarice

Clarice is a hot blonde and she is the star of todays fetish game. Her role is a dog, and her master is gonna give her a lesson.


The lesson will involve his cock, lots of cum and lots of piss. As soon as he took her outdoors, the mean guy started to piss on her beautiful face, making her hair soaking wet. The girl could hold back so she started to pee aswell.

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A load of pee, straight into her mouth!

Lenka wanted to take a shower and wash her hot body, but she found a repair guy in there, telling her the shower is broken and there is no warm water. As a suplement, he offered to shower her with his warm piss.


The little slut agreed with this strange deal and left the guy pee on her hot body and face. The guy got so turned on that he shot a massice cumshot on her check imediatelly.


Two hot pissing sluts, Bianca Golden and Kathia Nobili

Take two hot pissing sluts, Bianca Golden and Kathia Nobili, put them in a room, and guess whats gonna happen. We did this experiment and recorded it all.


The action started with some fingering and pussy licking of course, then they brought a big strapon and at the end the sluts pissed on the floor. Now the room looks like a public toilet, the urine on the floor and both sluts wet from the pissing games too.


Another pissins slut for you

Another day, another pissins slut for you. Today its the hot Faye Barts. The hot babe took of her dress and spread her legs as far as she possibly could.


Seconds later she started to pump the urine out of her wet pussy, making the floor allwet and smelly. Then the girl started to fuck her wet pussy, making even more urine flowing out.


Keisha Kane is a super hot exotic babe

Keisha Kane is a super hot exotic babe with a kinky mind and today shes gonna show you how she loves to fuck her cunt with a dildo.


The dark skinned hottie undressed by a pool and just a minute later she was laying on her back and fucking her cunt with a big toy.


At one point she started to scream and once she pulled the dildo out, we could see a strong yellow stream coming out of her pussy. Soon enough the peeing girl completely soaked the ground all around her.

Krissy Leigh is a pretty kinky babe

Krissy Leigh is a pretty kinky babe and she loves a bit of adventure. So we told her our plan – you will undress in some public place, piss on the gorund as much as you can, then we will come over and piss all over your body and head, and of course we will record it. And guess what? This urine loving slut agreed to all of it.

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Girls pissing and getting pissed on

Here is Flower Tucci in an unusual scene and I am sure you will like it. It started with masturbation, Flower slammed her pussy with her hand and suddenly she got an orgasm so hard that she squirted like mad.


Being wet from piss already, she asked the cameraman to piss on her too, so she can see what it is like.